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Sunday, October 19, 2014 @ 1:34 PM

Seems like I tend to update my blog once a year. LOL. 

I passed my 3rd year MBBS exams and phew, what a relieve. I'm back at home now for 2 weeks. Today is day two in my lovely island and I am already bored. No friends to go out with. (why do I sound so lonely?) HAHA. So here I am, writing shit in this blog of mine which no one ever reads.

I woke up early again today which is uber rare. Everyone knows that Julia never wakes up early on a holiday/weekends. 

does not come easily,
for those who weep,

She reaps,
what she sows,
When will she find peace?

Lets ignore that for now, :)

So I woke up today and rubbed my small tiny Cina eyes. Everything was a blur because I was still sleepy and I haven't put on my spectacles. I reached for my specs beside my pillow, they weren't there. Okay, maybe they were on the floor then. I bent over, almost falling off my bed, because I am super not flexible, and frantically waved my hands trying to touch random spots on the floor hoping that I would touch my spectacles. And nope, not there either. 

So I got out of bed and searched for my specs. Nope, not on my dressing table. Not on top of the cupboard either. Turned my bed upside down and they just weren't freaking there. How can my spectacles just disappear out of thin air?

I searched high and low for my specs but they couldn't be found in my room. I concluded that they must be elsewhere. So, I ran around the house looking for them like some crazy sohai. I had to squint my eyes just to see so my already small eyes turned even smaller. 

Do you have any idea how difficult and tormented I felt? I'm already blind without my specs, and I have no memory or whatsoever of where I left them the night before. It was so difficult to see, I kept stubbing my toe on the freaking sofa. Gah pain like fuck. 

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack except that the person looking for the goddamn needle is freaking blind. 

I have no idea since when I became so patient. Yes, I searched the whole house for two hours and I still couldn't find my specs. And yet I haven't given up. Searched everywhere including the fridge (yes once I left my specs in the fridge) and still nothing. NOOOOO.

No choice. Had to get help. My eyes are useless. So I yelled for my mom.

Julia : MUMMYYY AHHH, LU KUA TIOK WA EH BAK KIA BOH? (Did you see my specs?)

(Nola, You see la, always simply throw your specs. How to be a doctor like that? Later during operation you leave scissors in your patient's stomach how?) 

Wa eh kah tia liao, Lu kah ki chui. 
(My leg pain, you find yourself)


Thanks ah mummy. 

So without any help or reinforcement, it was time to give up.  Decided to put on contacts instead. 

Yea, please excuse my ugly drawings. Not easy to draw on an iPad okay especially when you have short, stubby fingers. (I just suck)

I really hope my specs turn up later. I hate wearing contacts. They wear out my eyes and I feel tired. Plus I really like my specs. Ray-ban okay. Not cheap. 

Oh my spectacles, please appear soon.

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You & I go hard, at each other like we're going to war~
Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 12:06 AM

Hello my darling blog. I know that you've missed me and I'm sorry for neglecting you. It has been months since I've written anything here. I have no excuses. I was just lazy and couldn't be bothered to update since no one reads my wordy posts anyway HAHAHA.

Anyway, the blogging mood is back.... temporarily... okay maybe just for today. =X

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I sincerely pray that this year would be more fun than the last. Dear God, please just let me pass the damn exams so that I can happily enjoy my CNY holidays. Pretty pretty please :( 

So far I've bought a pair of heels, two pairs of shorts, a skirt and two tops. All these already cost about RM250 and I'm sincerely BROKE. I'm poor. Oh PTPTN money, please come soon and save me~ Or I shall have to starve and eat cup noodles~ (Cup noodles are actually expensive too D:). I still need to buy some dresses and hopefully another pair of shoes. Yes, I spend too much and I'm a shopaholic but dammit, CNY only comes once a year! *pacifies self to not feel guilty for spending so much cash*.

Besides clothing, I really really really really want to get my hair done. I  dyed and permed my hair 6 months ago and now, it is no longer curly. It is just wavy and black roots have already sprouted making my hair look like vomit. The colour now is just... unflattering and thus, I really MUST get my hair done before CNY. 

I love KL. I seriously do. I love the fact that there are always big and cheap book fairs here. However, there are two things about KL that I can't stand,

1) The heavy traffic jams 

Which brings us back to the topic of getting my hair done. I'm currently having a huge dilemma. I want to cut, perm and dye my hair. Not forgetting hair treatment, all this is roughly going to cost me at least RM 350. I've googled and researched on so many hair salons in KL and the price ranges from RM450 to RM1000. One thousand bucks just to pamper my hair??? That's freaking crazy and I'm just a poor student. Sigh.

I can always choose to buy discount coupons from Groupon or other discount deals but I'm too chicken to risk my already-look-like-vomit hair in the hands of a cheap, inexperienced, low quality, bad service, tasteless and unfashionable hair stylist. People will tell me you never know unless you try. Who knows maybe the service will be excellent and the hair stylist might give me a brilliant and gorgeous haircut? Yeah who knows, the hair stylist could also turn my vomit hair into shit. Damn, I'm just too afraid to risk it. =.=

Okay I'm done rambling about my hair. I shall go survey more hair salons tomorrow. As my roommate is already asleep, I shall sleep too. 

Goodnight :)

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Attack of the Flying Roaches
Friday, September 21, 2012 @ 12:43 AM

Hello! I've back in UM and started my 2nd year of medical school. From everything I've heard from my buddies/seniors, 2nd year is supposed to be the honeymoon year of medical school. However, my schedule is packed like hell and I don't feel honeymoon-ish at all. Lectures from 8am to 5pm everyday? Gosh, that just sucks. :( 

I've moved to the 6th Residential College as it is super near to my faculty (less than 5 minutes walk). I used to stay at the 1st Residential College which is like 15-20 minutes walk to my faculty and you have to walk up a hill which causes me to perspire (according to Desmond, ladies do not sweat but perspire LOL) like a pig (i'm not sure if pigs perspire) but anyway, who wants to attend lectures feeling hot, wet and sweaty?? (ok that sounded a little wrong :P) 

Anyway, the first day I checked into my new hostel, I was feeling rather happy as my room is on the ground floor and it is just opposite the toilet. In my previous hostel, I stayed at the opposite far end of the toilet and had to walk a long stretch of corridor in order to reach the toilet (which is uber scary at night and students tend to leave their slippers/shoes messily and I somehow clumsily enjoy tripping over them ._.) 

Honestly, I was really satisfied with my room. The location was just perfect. 

Until it happened.


A terrible incident indeed.

Ambushed by an unseen enemy.

My roommates and I were studying on that fateful night. The sky was a velvet black and illuminated with stars sending an ethereal light through my window (ok, i am just randomly crapping HAHAHA). Okay, so we were studying and suddenly...

Wan Ting : *in a very serious tone* Julia... don't move your foot.
Me : *confused* WHAT? WHY? GOT WHAT?
Wan Ting : *speaking very slowly* There... Is.... A... Cock...Roa

Yep, we were attacked by the most fearsome creature living on this planet, the frightful cockroach.

So we were all standing on chairs/beds wondering what to do as all three of us have this huge phobia towards cockroaches. Hui Yan decided to call for reinforcement and Elaine came to the rescue. Elaine then took the broom and tried to sweep the cockroach out of the room and an unexpected thing happen,


And Elaine screamed. (Correction, everybody screamed)

Apparently, she is afraid of FLYING roaches. (Correction, we are all afraid of flying roaches).

And we did the next sensible thing.

Which is to call for more backup (HAHAHAHA this is a serious war okay).

JiatEarn came over and like a boss, she picked up the broom, walloped the cockroach and swept it out of the room in about... 10 minutes!!! And so, our terrible ordeal was over... or so we thought.

This morning, I went to brush my teeth peacefully in the toilet when I heard a piercing scream. I ran out of the toilet and realised the scream came from my room. So I dashed inside my room and I saw Hui Yan and Wan Ting standing on their beds.

Before they could shout COCKROACH, my body moved by itself and jumped on the bed for safety (fast reflex action HAHAHA). 

This time, our enemy is smarter. It kept hiding under Wan Ting's bed and no matter how hard we try to sweep it out, it kept running and hiding. As we were going to be late for class if we don't leave the room, we had no choice but to leave the cockroach in peace.

-After class-

No cockroach was seen.

-Dinner time-

Still no sign of the cockroach

So we thought maybe the cockroach went out of the room and back to the toilet and into the sewers.

But we were so wrong. We were so so wrong.


Me : Aiya I go wash clothes if not Monday I have nothing to wear. *Gets up from seat and walk towards door*
Wan Ting : JULIA GOT COCKROACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wan Ting : You almost stepped on it omgomgomgomg


And the war rages on. After tons of screaming session, broom walloping, cupboard shaking, luggages moving, bed hopping, massive giggling, Wan Ting accidently killed the cockroach.

So cheers and we won the war :)

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you shoot me down, but i won't fall, i am ti-ta-nium~
Thursday, July 12, 2012 @ 12:53 AM

It has been a long time since I've updated my blog. UM wifi is just too terribly and horribly slow to do any blogging (excuses!). Plus, I don't really have the time to blog (excuses!). However, now I have plenty of time to update this dead blog of mine... that is if I have the mood and don't feel too lazy. Hahaha. 

Wow, it has already been a year since I entered medical school in UM in KL. I've made lots of new friends, gain new experiences whether good or bad, done things that I've regretted and learnt that there's a muscle in your penis known as bulbospongiosus (random HAHAHAHAHA). My mind is so saturated with memories right now that I don't even know where to begin.

Never get involved with someone who's already in a relationship. Because all you're gonna get is pain, broken promises and loss of friendship. This is something I've learnt this year. Things happen for a reason and I'm very glad that I made the right decision. :)

The past few weeks was very stressful for me due to study week/finals. Received my results today and I fucking passed! Hell yeah! :D I guess the stressful weeks and hard work finally paid off as I have holidays to enjoy till September. Whee~~ Normally I don't really feel overstress or anything because of an exam, but due to the fact that I failed my Semester 1, Part A exam (yes, Julia failed an exam for the very first time, a major one too, and I failed very badly, received an E, quite unbelievable isn't it?), I had to work extra hard to ensure that I don't fail my Semester 2, Part B exam. Cause failing Part B means failing the 1st year of my medical course which sucks cause you won't have any holidays due to the extra supplementary classes. :(
To my dear coursemates who weren't so fortunate as me, do work hard and don't give up! We must attend the first lecture of year 2 together :)

Failing my first major finals made me realise that I can still succeed as long as I do not give up. As long as I pick myself up and move on, I guess things will turn out okay in the end. Some of you guys may be wondering, how this Julia failed her exams. This is most probably due to :

1) Exam was directly after Chinese New Year

2) Study week was during CNY

3) Who the heck studies during a festive season?!? Lousy admins of UM setting the exam after a major holiday... zzzz damn you.

4) I did not study because I was busy gambling, hanging out with family and friends, collecting angpows, eating steamboat and new year cookies, playing with my dog, online, slack, sleep and rot.

5) I did not go and pray to the Gu Leng Hood (a God in a temple in Penang which I always go to before any major exam for luck and blessing)

6) Basically, it was because I didn't study so I actually deserved to fail but again, WHO THE HELL STUDIES DURING THE FESTIVE HOLIDAYS T_T I WANNA PLAY PLAY PLAY AND ENJOYYYY. ROARRR. 

And thus, I failed. With an E somemore. HAHAHAHAHAH. Not even a D. But an E. E for EXCELLENT, (ahem, elephant).

Yes, I admit, I was depressed for about a day or two. HAHA. Then, I decided there was no point in mourning about my failure. I just gotta work a little harder and put in more effort. And I did. And thank god, I passed. Officially going to be a second year medical student. :D happy. Julia is happy. 

So now I'm still in KL. Will be back in Penang soon. Hope to meet up with my friends there then. 

Last but not least, thank you my love, for always being  there, for making life in KL bearable after I've failed, for never doubting me for even a second, for always believing that I could succeed. You're awesome! :)

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Study Mode : ON
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 2:01 AM

Yes Julia. Please go study until you turn into a zombie. And if you don't feel like studying just mumble 'I must study or else I will fail x100' to motivate self.

STUDY AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

Credits to Leosteh for the zombified stickhuman version of me when I study. LOL.

Can't believe I've kept this screenie for urmm... 3 years already. (Actually I do keep all those lamepok stuff we drew over MSN. HAHAHA :P)

Okie time to study/sleep.
Byebye :D

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Monday, January 9, 2012 @ 12:43 AM

Somehow the blogging mood is back. Don't really know why. Don't know how long this will last before I leave my blog to die and rot again. Hehe.

As most of you know, I don't really enjoy seafood. Yeah, call me weird but seriously I just don't really like seafood. No, I'm not allergic to it (not really, but crabs/big prawns/tiger prawns sometimes do make my face itchy). The reason is probably because I can't stand the taste of unfresh seafood. That weird disgusting smelly taste resting and sticking onto the tastebuds of your tongue. Ew.

However, fresh seafood do taste good and so in certain, rare circumstances, I do enjoy seafood. But most of the time, I don't. Because I dislike risking my poor taste buds into testing whether the seafood is fresh or not.

Which comes to the title. Fish.
Yes. Fish. Ikan.
I like fish. But only those boneless ones. Fillet actually. Or those big big fish fried in teowchew style. Other than those kind of fish, I hate fish. Yes, I'm a very picky eater. :O

So what does fish have to do with this blog post?

Last Thursday, I went down for dinner in my hostel's dewan makan (hall of food? LOL. Okie, canteen/cafeteria). And there it was. The notice from hell. The notice of obliteration. The notice of mass destruction. The rectangular A4 sized paper stuck to the door with black and white words.

Nervously, I crept to that piece of paper and read the contents.
Then, my heart stopped.

Attention students, due to the expiry of the contract with the chicken supply, the menu of the dewan makan has been changed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Change to what?
Yes, my fellow comrades. The menu has been changed to fish. Every single day for probably every meal.

Now do you understand why my heart stopped? This is a major disaster for a person who dislike seafood like me. Now I have barely anything to eat except rice and veggie, maggie or bread. Which kinda sucks.

So I really can't wait to go back to Penang next week. Penang, my food haven~
But do wish me luck in surviving the week with fish.

Teehee :)

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Thursday, January 5, 2012 @ 11:40 PM

I bet nobody reads this oh-so-dead blog of mine anymore but it's okie. I'm still using my blog as a medium to vent out my emo feelings that I don't know who to share with.

Recently, I lost every single ounce of my confidence. I don't really know why but I'm starting to have doubts in whether I will succeed in my medical course and become a fully-fledged doctor. I knew at the very beginning that the path to become a successful doctor is not easy.

Just that I never knew it would be this difficult.

Things in university is less complicated now. I should be happy but somehow I'm not. Homesick maybe? I haven't stepped onto Penang soil for months already. Haven't seen my old friends nor my family nor my dearest dog.

I'm starting to feel lifeless here. Probably due to the lack of social activities as finals are just around the corner. Will I be able to pass?

Everyday I wake up, go to lectures, nap, eat, study.
A neverending routine.
And yet, I'm not working hard enough.
Maybe that's why I have no confidence that I will pass my finals.

Since when have I become so weak?
I guess it's because there is no one here for me to talk to. The people I love are so far away. The people I thought I could trust have already left. And it's my own fault. But I know it's for the best.

I'm not proud of myself nor my actions recently.
Starting to feel kinda useless.
Just wanna give up and do something else.
I don't really know.

I hope this is just a rough patch that I'm going through. And that eventually, my motivation will arrive and drive the confidence out of me. I miss highschool life. I really do. When things were never this complicated or difficult.

Am I on the right path?
Am I doing the right thing?
I hope so.

I guess I should try to hold on and don't give in.
Jiayou me. :)

And Happy New Year.
2012 please be kind.

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